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Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Wed Feb 26 13:04:17 EST 2014

On Feb 26, 2014, at 6:24 AM, 이현택 wrote:

> So, my question is that is it possible to add the new zams data and loading it from various project? and if the .mod file contains very large number of the initial mass, how can I load specific zams model using initial mass?


Good question!    As you discovered, the pre-supplied zams data lives in the file zams_z2m2_y28.data in the directory mesa/data/star_data/zams_models.   As the file name suggests, this is for initial Z = 0.02 and Y = 0.28.   

The filename for the zams file is set in the &controls inlist:
      zams_filename = 'zams_z2m2_y28.data' ! Z=0.02, Y=0.28

If you create a new zams (by using the test case create_zams for example), then edit your inlist to set zams_filename to the name of your new file.    You can put the zams file in your current directory (where you run mesa), or you can add it to the data/star_data/zams_models directory.  The routine get_zams_model in star/private/init_model looks in the current directory 1st, and then in the zams_models directory.

For example, the test case create_zams makes the zams file z1.9m2_y27.8.data.   You can use it by copying it to your work directory and editing your &controls inlist to include:

   zams_filename = 'z1.9m2_y27.8.data'
   initial_mass = 20
   initial_z = 0.019

Of course you can also load files from previous mesa runs by using the following controls in the &star_job inlist.

   ! at any point during the run, you can save a model for later use
   save_model_number = -111
   save_model_when_terminate = .false.
   save_model_filename = 'undefined'
   load_saved_model = .false.
   saved_model_name = 'undefined'
      ! if load_saved_model is true, then use this initial model

Hope this helps.


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