[mesa-users] Helium Core definition.

Grant Newsham newshamg at gmail.com
Sat Feb 22 06:04:10 EST 2014

Hi Alfred.

Exactly !!!! I did a double take when I saw I had a 0.3M He core before the
blue hook feature appeared on a 1.8M track.

The problem with using the profiles to extract the data - is the amount of
time wasted and disk space used if you save the profiles often for a run
with say 20,000 model steps and you are doing 30 such runs or more.



On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 10:10 AM, Alfred Gautschy <alfred at gautschy.ch>wrote:

> I too was taken by surprise recently, when I realized that I cannot set
> my choice of what a He-core should mean (and the current choice of X=0.5
> misled me indeed for a while in a project because I mistook a numerical
> effect, induced by the X=0.5 setting, for a physical one).
> Anyway, for now I circumvent the problem by working directly on the
> profile data only anymore. In this case I have complete control, the
> error I make are mine, and the choices I make are mine. Actually,
> mesa.py makes life pretty comfortable for the pythonistas out there
> (kudos to the nugrid folks for the tool!).
> IF history should continue to provide information about core sizes, then
> please let the user have a handle to determine what it means. For me,
> this boils down to: I was happy (except for the naming) with how things
> were dealt with yesteryear. Let us have a "he_core_mass_below_X" (as the
> he_core_mass_limit parameter of the-other-Bill is already in use) or
> something understandable and compute the quantities he_core_mass_<some
> physical quantity> for history output. For more advanced stages, i.e.
> for heavier elements and more onion-shelled stars things might get more
> complicated, I did not think this through.
> Long things made short: Bill Wolf's suggestion looks fine with me. I was
> also unhappy, more than that, I was even led astray by the current
> situation.
> Regards,
> Alfred
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