[mesa-users] Additional chi2 variables in astero

João Faria joaofaria90 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 11:29:46 EST 2014

Hi everyone,

Here I go again bugging people with requests on the astero "package"...

Recently I've been confronted with the question of where to start if we 
want to do a spectroscopic-only chi2 model fit in MESA. Note that 
spectroscopic-only might mean including surface He, convection zone 
radius, etc, besides the usual spectroscopic observables.
In the old days (like last year), I would say start from the 
solar_calibration test.
But now (v5819) every spectroscopic variable is also in the 
example_astero test, so the answer might be this test with 

On to the request: I've been asked if we can include the stellar mean 
density as a constraint in the chi2. So something like 
/include_rhoMean_in_chi2_spectro = .true.
/Also, and this might be more difficult in practice, how would I go 
about including a new variable in the chi2 from run_star_extras.f 
instead of sending an email asking for it to be changed in the guts of MESA?
Is it feasible something like
/    include_newVar1_in_chi2_spectro = .true./
     newVar1_target = -1
     newVar1_sigma = -1

     ... newVar2 ...

in the inlist and then somehow calculating the model's newVar1, newVar2 
in run_star_extras.f ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Jo\E3o Faria
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