[mesa-users] AGBs problems with Nuclear Network (arnett_to_ar41)

David Arnett wdarnett at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 13:53:22 EST 2014

Please note that this network was carefully designed for a particular
problem: massive (not AGB) star evolution. Valid assumptions for that case
were imposed in order to keep the network small. Nature does not know about
our network limitations, and past H burning this can be an issue. More than
100 nuclei (a modest network) are required to get a massive star to core
collapse with accuracy and correct Ye, without tricks. A skimpy network can
also do it, but poorly. It sounds to me as if you are "flying blind", in
which case you should choose your network iteratively (add nuclei until
your results make sense for the problem you  are doing, and learn in the
process). Because of the implicit solve for burning and mix, MESA does not
like large networks (>50, we are working on that ;-(
You may have hard choices to make about what network you can afford.

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