[mesa-users] density and sound speed profiles with "ripples" in solar calibration example

Ana Olímpia anaolimpiabrito at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 20:13:50 EDT 2014

Hello all,

I am trying to use the solar_calibration example in the test suite
directory to compute the solar acoustic potential (formula 1 in the
attached file) with mesa.

To do this I just need the radius, the sound speed, and the density
profiles which I took from the profile.data file of the final model in the
LOGS directory.

I computed this potential, several times before, with the CESAM code but I
can't reproduce the results with mesa.
I decided to compare, step by step, the process of computing the potential
with MESA and with CESAM. A summary of this comparison is in the file
In the final plot of the acoustic potential for the Sun, we should be able
to identify the superadiabatic region, the second Helium ionization and the
base of the convective zone (figure 8 in the attached file AP_with_MESA)

I suspect that those "ripples" in figure 2 and 3, respectively in the sound
speed and density, are responsible for the final result of the potential
with MESA. I tried to play with the mesh refinement parameters but I got
always the same final result for the acoustic potential that can be seen in
figure 8.

Why am I getting those "ripples" in the density profile and in the sound
speed profile?

Thank you very much in advance!


PS1 - I use exactly the same process to compute the potential with mesa and
with cesam. The difference is only in the input data: radius, sound speed
and density.

PS2 - Ubuntu 14.04, Mesa version 6794, Mesa SDK version 20140715
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