[mesa-users] Where can I get the inlist files for the mesa instrument paper 1?

Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Mon Aug 18 12:57:55 EDT 2014


I agree with Rob's advice about getting a recent version of mesa rather than going back to the ancient old days of 2011....;D

There are several test suite cases for high mass stars -- in mesa/star/test_suite, you might take a look at 20M_si_burn for example.

But since you are interested in mass loss, you'll want to start the evolution much earlier than si burning.  You can do that easily by editing the inlist for the si burn test case -- it is called "inlist_si_burn".  If you comment out the line that says "load_saved_model = .true.", then the run will start from zams instead of starting from the saved model, '20M_si_burn.mod'.

The test case has mass loss turned off, so you'll need to add some lines to the inlist to turn on your choice of mass loss scheme.  The lines to add will be similar to these:
      RGB_wind_scheme = 'Reimers'
      AGB_wind_scheme = 'Blocker'
      RGB_to_AGB_wind_switch = 1d-4
      Reimers_wind_eta = 0.7d0  
      Blocker_wind_eta = 0.7d0  

For the full set of options currently available, look in star/defaults/controls.defaults in the section "mass gain or loss".

The option that combines results for massive stars from several papers is called the "Dutch" wind scheme.  To use it, add lines similar to these to your inlist:

         RGB_wind_scheme = 'Dutch'
         AGB_wind_scheme = 'Dutch'
         RGB_to_AGB_wind_switch = 1d-4
         Dutch_wind_eta = 0.8

Hope that helps.


On Aug 18, 2014, at 9:08 AM, 이현택 wrote:

> Dear mesa users,
> I recently start to reproduce the result of mesa instrument paper 1, especially for the high mass star's evolution part.
> But, unlike mesa instrument paper 2, it is little bit hard to find the set of inlist files for mesa paper 1.
> It would be very thankful if you notice me where I can down load it.
> P.S. 
> I wonder what is the combined mass loss scheme which mentioned in mesa instrument paper 1, section 7.3 High Mass Stellar Structure and Evolution.
> How can I implement  "Mass loss for the solar metallicity stars uses the combined results of Glebbeek et al. (2009), Vink et al. (2001), Nugis & Lamers (2000), and Nieuwenhuijzen & de Jager (1990)" in inlist files?
> sincerely yours, LEE HYUN TAEK
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