[mesa-users] how to use the Buchmann rate for c12ag in mesa

Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Fri Aug 15 15:02:09 EDT 2014


Since mesa got the Buchmann rate for c12ag from the old version of jina reaclib rates, and it is not included in the current version of those rates, it is necessary to do some extra work if you still want to use it.   Here are two possibilities: switch back to the old reablib table, or make a text file with (T,rate) pairs sampling the Buchmann rate and use that while keeping the new reaclib table.  

To use the old jina file, set jina_reaclib_filename in &star_job section of inlist (see comments in star_job.defaults).   The code no longer recognizes "Buchmann" as an option of the c12ag reaction, but you can instead do set_rate_c12ag = 'jina reaclib'.

To use a tabulated version of the Buchmann rate, do the following:
   create a file of (T8, rate) pairs as in data/rates_data/rates
   add the file name to reactions.list 
      (you can have a local copy of reactions.list as well as rates directory)


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