[mesa-users] Question about abundances in the 1 Msun test problem

Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Wed Aug 6 23:00:08 EDT 2014

On Aug 6, 2014, at 7:42 PM, Francis Timmes wrote:

> how about a third option, “dump into the most abundant isotope”?
> for this particular case, a touch more h1 may be the least perturbing solution.

Hi Frank,

yes, i know i did something other than what you recommended. ;D
the reason is that it was easy to do what i did, and it is a bit harder to do 
what you suggested given the current way the code is structured.
it currently gets the X and Y info from the user and then picks
a set of metal mass fractions from a given set to provide the
remaining Z.  So transferring from Z to X or Y isn't currently
an easy to implement option whereas changing the choice
of metals is.    so i did the easy one first.

i can see it now --- after adding a 3rd option to add to the most
abundant, we'll need a 4th option that lets the user specify
which element to use for the extra, and then 5th that says
split the extra between H1 and He4, and then a 6th that
says distribute the extra over all the isotopes, and then ....

everyone should keep in mind that we already have 2
completely general ways to see any uniform composition
by giving the set of desired mass fractions.    one is 
set_uniform_xa_from_file and the other is set_to_xa_for_accretion.

so at some point we'll stop adding options and just say
"use one of the general schemes".    but if you think it is
important to add “dump into the most abundant isotope”
then i'll take another look at how to do it.   you say.


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