[mesa-users] Pulse package

Dennis Stello stello at physics.usyd.edu.au
Thu Nov 28 21:33:42 EST 2013

Dear Zeynep,

I am not sure what you mean by 'pulse package' and what 
command(s) and inlist(s) you executed and from where in the mesa-tree.  I 
am even less of a mind reader than Bill ;0)

If you just want freqs of a model, you just generate the appropriate 
stellar structure file (fgong for adipls or gyre or the gyre-specific 
output for gyre only...search for 'fgong' and 'gyre' in your 
mesa/star/defaults/ files for how to 'turn those one').  Then go to 
/mesa/gyre/ or /mesa/adipls/ and read the readme files for how to run the 
pulsations codes.

Hope that helps.

On Mon, 25 Nov 2013, Zeynep Çelik wrote:

> Hi everbody,
> I want to calculted models of stars frequencies with pulse or astero
> package, but I can't.   My MESA version number is 5118.
> I make new version inlist for pulse and i try it, but when I run model it
> stop and this messages write my terminal:
> failed to find any modes in specified frequency range
>      el   order      freq (microHz)             inertia
> At line 219 of file ../src/run_star_extras.f
> Fortran runtime error: Attempt to DEALLOCATE unallocated 'l_freq'
> DATE: 2013-11-13
> TIME: 15:09:11
> could you help me this problem? I just want to calculate MESA models
> frequencies. I attached my in list for pulse package.
> Do you have any idea about calculate  automatically frequency  for input
> model?
> Best regards,
> Zeynep
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