[mesa-users] Discrepancy in wd_cool_0.6M, version 5527

Naveh Levanon naveh.levanon at gmail.com
Sat Nov 16 13:04:18 EST 2013

I've noticed a discrepancy in running wd_cool_0.6M from the test suite.
In my previous version, 5271, with no changes to test controls, the WD
cools over 10Gyr (about 2800 steps) until reaching the Teff lower limit set
for it.
In version 5527, with the same controls, evolution stops abruptly after
about 1.4Gyr (580 steps), with the timestep becoming too small. I couldn't
find anything suspicious in the profiles to explain this behaviour.
I removed and reinstalled both versions to ensure this wasn't my meddling
with the test, and the discrepancy repeats itself.

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