[mesa-users] Error testing kappa preprocessor

Radek Smolec smolec at camk.edu.pl
Sat Nov 9 02:43:31 EST 2013


I haven't used plotter yet. It seems that everything went fine with the
processing of new tables, as all stages till build_data_and_export were
successful. Ehsan, did you make ./clean and ./mk in your working directory?

2013/11/8 Aaron Dotter <aaron.dotter at gmail.com>

> Hi Ehsan,
> The kap preprocessor does not hold quite as high a standard as other parts
> of MESA, but that is because not many people have used it in the past.
>  It's great that you are!
> Regarding the plotter, you might take a look at the code and see if it is
> expecting some input from the command line.  I would add further--and more
> importantly-- that each opacity table output by the preprocessor is a basic
> text file with header that can be plotted by your favorite plotting
> program.  It's not necessary to run the plotter code.
> I know that Radek has successfully used the new Type2 tables, so it is
> possible.  Perhaps Radek can describe what he did to get things working
> properly?
> Aaron
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