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Wed Nov 6 14:47:52 EST 2013

We have been simulating this in 3D as well as making analytic models. It
appears that the "convective diffusion" model has serious problems; in our
first cut we find that the diffusion coefficients are about a factor of 100
too large at the boundaries, as compared to turbulent hydrodynamics. The
physics is different. Advection is much more efficient in the interior of
convection  zones. We can force the wrong physics to work if we adjust
parameters, but the error is likely to crop up somewhere else.

This discussion is timely; it would be good to have a list of situations in
which the rotation-convection issue appears. A reliable estimate of
convective velocity would allow us to compare that to rotational velocity;
in 3D simulations the two being comparable indicates a change in the flow
patterns from cells to spindles, for example.

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