[mesa-users] tracking stellar moment of inertia

Brian Jackson bjackson at dtm.ciw.edu
Sun Nov 3 12:18:18 EST 2013

Dear MESA users,
I'm trying to track the stellar moment of inertia for low-mass stars,
but I can't seem to get both the pre-main sequence evolution to work
and have the model track the moment at the same time.

As far as I can tell, in order to have the model track the moment's
evolution, I have to set the following flags to true:
change_rotation_flag and new_rotation_flag. Otherwise, the model
doesn't track the moment.

However, if I also set the create_pre_main_sequence_model flag to true
so that the pre-main sequence evolution looks right, the model doesn't
make it into the main sequence. Here are the final lines of output
when I have all these flags set to true:

save LOGS/profile1.data for model 1
                                                 dm_sum         573
                                        new_point_dmbar         573
STOP debugging: set1_omega

I have attached the inlist files that I'm using. (Also, in case it's
relevant, I'm using MESA version 5271 because I'm following the
example that Josiah Schwab sent me about how to output non-default
model results [http://yoshiyahu.org/mesa2013.html], and those
instructions didn't seem to work with the newest version.)

Thanks for your help,
Brian Jackson
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