[mesa-users] Test Burn Issues

Ryan Orvedahl ryan.orvedahl at stonybrook.edu
Sat Jun 29 20:23:30 EDT 2013

 Hi All,

 I am exploring the net/test routines in hopes to use the network in an
external program. When I run the test_net.f program, everything seems to
work okay, but when I compile in debug mode it crashes.

 In the test_burn.f Do_One_Test_Burn subroutine I setup my initial
conditions as:

else if (net_file == 'regular-9.net <http://h_burn.net>' .or. net_file == '
extended-33.net') then

               ! C/O burn
               times(1) = 1.d-2
               h = 1d-14
               logT = 9.d0
               logRho = 8.d0
               xin = 0
               xin(net_iso(ic12)) =  0.5d0
               xin(net_iso(io16)) =  0.5d0

               rtol(:) = 1d-12
               atol(:) = 1d-14

               screening_mode = extended_screening

 and in the mod_test_net.f module, I call Do_One_Test_Burn as:

if (.true.) then
    which_rates_choice = rates_JR_if_available
    call Do_One_Test_Burn('regular-9.net <http://h_burn.net>', .false.)
   !call Do_One_Test_Burn('extended-33.net', .false.)
   call test_net_cleanup
   call net_shutdown

I added the following debugging flags in the makefile:

%.o:  $(TEST_SRC_DIR)/%.f
    $(TEST_COMPILE) $(FCfixed) -fno-range-check -O1 -fbounds-check \
      -fbacktrace -Wunitialized -Wunused -ffpe-trap=invalid,zero,overflow $<

The following is the error I get:

Program received signal SIGFPE: Floating-point exception - erroneous
arithmetic operation.

Backtrace for this error:
#0  0x7F9D9641CFD7
#1  0x7F9D9641D5A4
#2  0x36BE0359AF
#3  0x3DD4C26443
#4  0x49E86E in __screen5_MOD_screen5_init_az_info
#5  0x44AA88 in __net_screen_MOD_screening_pair
#6  0x44AF67 in __net_screen_MOD_eval_screen_pair
#7  0x44BC8B in __net_screen_MOD_screen_net
#8  0x44C08A in __net_screen_MOD_make_screening_tables
#9  0x43E688 in __net_initialize_MOD_alloc_net_general_info at
#10  0x411781 in __test_net_support_MOD_test_net_setup at
#11  0x41ED36 in __test_burn_MOD_do_one_test_burn at test_burn.f:135
#12  0x42CFFF in __mod_test_net_MOD_test at mod_test_net.f:90
#13  0x42D03F in test_net at test_net.f:29
#14  0x36BE021734
Floating point exception

The issue seems to be caused by calling screen5_init_AZ_info with z1 = 0 or
z2 = 0 which leads to trying to evaluate lzav = x53 * log(0)

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

I am using MESA version 4942 without the SDK. My fortran compiler is gcc
version 4.7.2 20120921. I have included both net files.


Ryan Orvedahl
Undergrad Student
Stony Brook University
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