[mesa-users] tioga scripts

Josiah Schwab jwschwab at berkeley.edu
Thu Jun 27 21:52:36 EDT 2013

> I have the ruby and tioga paths correctly set in my .tshrc but adding my script directory to the path works for the shell scripts but not the *.rb files.
>     setenv PATH /users/willie/mesa/Documents/scripts:$PATH
> Any suggestions?

I'm a little unclear about what you're doing / what you want.

If you're trying to invoke a ruby script like
then have you checked that the file has execute permissions set?

If you're trying use a file in your path as an argument to tioga
  tioga my_ruby.rb -p
then that's never going to work, b/c you're telling tioga to look
for my_ruby.rb in the current working directory.

You might want to take a look at something like
where you can see how Bill gets his tioga scripts loaded.

With that approach, you need a load.rb in every new directory, but
you're not duplicating the guts of your code anywhere.


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