[mesa-users] tioga scripts

Willie Strickland cwskas at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 21:28:53 EDT 2013

I am using MacOS 10.8.4 and I have a handful of shell scripts and tioga/ruby scripts which I use regularly.  I have tried without success to put them in a directory which I then add to my path so that I dont have to copy all the scripts to the individual work directories as I switch models.

I am using version 5118, but have used the same scripts for over 6 months, I just have to put them in the directory where I want to use them.

I have the ruby and tioga paths correctly set in my .tshrc but adding my script directory to the path works for the shell scripts but not the *.rb files.

     setenv PATH /users/willie/mesa/Documents/scripts:$PATH

Any suggestions?



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