[mesa-users] Using the other_energy module in a model

Andy Lezcano andyana2007 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 27 16:38:19 EDT 2013

Hello there, I'm having a bit of trouble with getting the module for
other_energy into a work directory. I follow the instructions, but from the
star there are issues:
1) Where the instructions tell me to set use_other_energy = .true. I have
no clue where to add this, and when I follow the rest of the instructions
and try to add it to the inlist files it causes a crash due to not having
the use_other_energy object in the namelist.
2)Ignoring question 1 for a moment, as I am trying to insert the module
into the work directory I see that the instructions tell me to:

!in your working copy of run_star_extras, replace
!      include 'standard_run_star_extras.inc'
! by the contents of the included file from star/job or mesa/include

Well the issue there is that in my work copy of run_star_extras.f there is
no such line as the 'include standard_run_star_extras.inc' so I simply skip
3) When I run the test to see if run_star_extras works it seems all good,
so I proceed to the next step of editing the extra_controls subroutine
inside of the run_star_extras.f and find that it seems to work as well, but
I still have the issue when I try to activate the module by using the
process in question 1 above, and have that namelist issue. 4) Finally, when
I check the profiles after removing the use_other_energy to false, I see
that the extra_heat parameter is still very much 0.00000e+00, showing me
that the model works and goes through all steps without a crash, but
something has gone wrong in the use of the other_energy module.

Thanks for any help you can give, it will be greatly appreciated.
P.S. apologies for the level of detail given in the 4 steps, I just feel
that will make it easier to rule out a few things, thanks again.
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