[mesa-users] KASC6 Online Streaming

Dennis Stello stello at physics.usyd.edu.au
Sun Jun 23 18:14:36 EDT 2013

Dear MESA users,

Are you not in Sydney for the KASC-6 meeting? Do you still want to follow 
all the interesting talks in the coming weeks? Then fear not! We are 
streaming the meeting live via the following website:


Simply navigate to the above website and select "log in as guest". You 
will then be able to follow the
interesting talks and discussions at KASC-6 directly from Sydney.

We will also be recording all presentations, and making them available on 
the KASOC website (access for KASC members only) after the meeting.

On behalf of the KASC6 LOC,
Rasmus Handberg

DENNIS STELLO | Senior Lecturer
School of Physics A28 | Faculty of Science

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