[mesa-users] synchronization in LMXB evolution

jiakun1219 jiakun1219 at 163.com
Tue Jun 18 06:16:08 EDT 2013

Dear all,
When to evolve a LMXB system as rlo in test_suite, 
to instantaneous synchronisation between spin and orbit,
I set the &star_job as below:
      new_rotation_flag = .true.
      change_rotation_flag = .true.
         new_omega = 2D-5 ! rad/sec
         set_omega = .true.
         set_initial_omega = .true.
         new_omega_div_omega_crit = 0
         set_omega_div_omega_crit = .false.
         set_initial_omega_div_omega_crit = .false.
         set_surface_rotation_v = .false.
         set_initial_surface_rotation_v = .false.
/ ! end of star_job namelist
and set s% other_torque => synch_spin_orbit_torque in subroutine extras_controls, 
isb=2 (in subroutine synch_spin_orbit_torque) for instantaneous synchronization, 
but the spin do not synchronizewith the orbital period, why?
And could set the star to be a rigid body with a uniform spin at different radius and synchronization with the orbital period?
Thank you very much!
Jia Kun
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