[mesa-users] total internal energy in history.data

Masanobu Kunitomo kunitomo at geo.titech.ac.jp
Thu Jun 13 09:14:23 EDT 2013

Dear all,

I am using MESA version 4589 and I have a question about how to output the total internal energy of a star.

Although "energy" for each cell is available in the profile data, there is no line for the total internal energy in the history_columns.list.
Is it possible to output it using the subroutine ``data_for_extra_history_columns"?

Masanobu Kunitomo

Masanobu Kunitomo
Ph.D. student / JSPS Researcher
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Email: kunitomo at geo.titech.ac.jp
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