[mesa-users] Setting surface optical depth

Ehsan Moravveji e.moravveji at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 17:15:29 EDT 2013

Hi Chris,
To set the optical depth of the surface of your model, you must consult
star/defaults/star_job.defaults. At line 358:
      set_to_this_tau_factor = -1
      set_tau_factor = .false. ! change tau_factor without reconverging.
So, add this to your &star_job section of your inlist, and start exploring.

It is always advised by Bill not to tweak the original subroutines. Maybe
Bill can provide an option to set the inner tau for integration.

I hope it helped.

On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 8:38 PM, Christopher J. White <cjwhite at princeton.edu
> wrote:

>  Hi All,
> The 2011 Mesa instrument paper alludes to being able to adjust \tau_s, the
> optical depth at the base of the atmosphere. For example,
> "These integrations start at τ = 10-5 and end at a user specified
> stopping point, τs , which defaults to τs = 2/3 (0.312) for Eddington
> (Krishna Swamy),"
> from Section 5.3. How exactly do I go about changing these defaults?
> I don't see anything in star/defaults/controls.defaults. And lines 475-505
> of atm/public/atm_lib.f seem to indicate that the defaults are hard-coded
> in all cases. Does changing them require modifying the source and
> recompiling? I am currently running version 4740.
> On a related issue, just to make sure I'm reading the code correctly, it
> seems that the starting point for integrations is not 10^-5 absolute
> optical depth, but rather 10^-5 times the desired endpoint, based on line
> 258 of atm/private/integrate_atm.f. Is this correct?
> Apologies if this has been answered before - I couldn't find a reference
> to it myself.
> Thanks in advance,
> Chris White
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Kind regards

Ehsan Moravveji
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