[mesa-users] Setting surface optical depth

Christopher J. White cjwhite at Princeton.EDU
Mon Jun 10 14:38:49 EDT 2013

Hi All,

The 2011 Mesa instrument paper alludes to being able to adjust \tau_s, the optical depth at the base of the atmosphere. For example,

"These integrations start at τ = 10−5 and end at a user specified stopping point, τs , which defaults to τs = 2/3 (0.312) for Eddington (Krishna Swamy),"

from Section 5.3. How exactly do I go about changing these defaults?

I don't see anything in star/defaults/controls.defaults. And lines 475-505 of atm/public/atm_lib.f seem to indicate that the defaults are hard-coded in all cases. Does changing them require modifying the source and recompiling? I am currently running version 4740.

On a related issue, just to make sure I'm reading the code correctly, it seems that the starting point for integrations is not 10^-5 absolute optical depth, but rather 10^-5 times the desired endpoint, based on line 258 of atm/private/integrate_atm.f. Is this correct?

Apologies if this has been answered before - I couldn't find a reference to it myself.

Thanks in advance,
Chris White
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