[mesa-users] star+reaclib problem

Josiah Schwab jwschwab at berkeley.edu
Wed Jun 5 17:41:39 EDT 2013

Hi Dave,

> Is it straightforward to modify a single reaction rate, so as to test the sensitivity of results to the least well-constrained rates in the library?

If you want "modify" to be a constant factor you might want to look at the 'rate_factors' array in star_data.


From star/public/star_data.inc:
>       real(dp), pointer :: rate_factors(:) ! (num_reactions)
>          ! when reaction rates are calculated, they are multiplied by the
>          ! corresponding values in this array.  
>       procedure (), pointer, nopass :: set_rate_factors => null()

From star/defaults/controls.defaults:
>       ! Your code to change the rate_factors can go in your work directory copy of run_star_extra.f.
>       ! Put it in the extras_startup routine if you just set the factors at startup, or in the
>       ! extras_check_model routine if you want to set them at each step depending on the state.

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