[mesa-users] /.mk problem after copy/past of work directory

Josiah Schwab jwschwab at berkeley.edu
Wed Jun 5 17:13:42 EDT 2013

>  Funny thing is that the instructions worked exactly once for a copy of work directory, and when I tried to repeat the exact same thing again, it never worked. Could you help me?

Are you trying to use the MESA SDK?  If so, I bet you are forgetting to initialize it.  You probably did it manually the first time and that's why it worked.   What is the output of gfortran -v ?


P.S.  If that's it, perhaps include lines like the following in your .bashrc, so you don't forget.

export MESASDK_ROOT=/Applications/mesasdk
source $MESASDK_ROOT/bin/mesasdk_init.sh

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