[mesa-users] Evolving a pre-CV

Jaime Villaseñor jaime.villasenor at postgrado.uv.cl
Tue Jun 4 18:23:25 EDT 2013

Dear mesa users:

I want to evolve a binary system that has passed through a common envelope
phase. The system is in a detached configuration, it is loosing angular
momentum due to magnetic braking and gravitational radiation and will
eventually become a cataclysmic variable.

I have only tested some of the examples in the test_suite directory, so I'm
not sure what parameters I should change to make this work. I tried with
the binary_rlo routine and I modified the masses and the orbital period in
the inlist_rlo file but it's not working.

Any help will be much appreciated.
Cheers, Jaime.

Jaime Villaseñor
Master's student in Astrophysics
Universidad de Valparaíso
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