[mesa-users] Fwd: Re: pointer error in mtx_support.f

Josiah Schwab jwschwab at berkeley.edu
Wed Jul 31 11:47:01 EDT 2013

Forgot to cc list.

Josiah Schwab writes:

> Hi Liza,
> Norhasliza Yusof writes:
>> Before using ifort, I'm using MESA on gfortran 4.6 for ubuntu 12.04 on my
>> workstation and it work just fine. Recently I migrated to the computer
>> server which runs on Scientific Linux and it has lower version of gfortran
>> (4.4.7). Since ifort available in the machine, I give a try and get this
>> error. As I remember, minimum version is 11.1 but not sure if any new
>> updates in the code requires newer version of ifort.
> What svn revision of MESA are you using?  I had also thought that
> gfortran 4.6 lacked the required features to compile recent MESA
> versions.
> If you don't have a specific reason to want to use ifort, you might want
> to consider using the SDK which provides a pre-release version of
> gfortran 4.9.
> Josiah

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