[mesa-users] pgstar with cores

Tuguldur Sukhbold sukhbold at ucolick.org
Fri Jul 26 12:54:28 EDT 2013

>> Are you 100% sure that the exact same inlist fails on a CO core that
> fails works on a full star model?

I have checked things several times before sending email here. Here is an inlist if you want to try: 
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> That end of file error is the sort of thing you'd get if the pgstar
> namelist is missing its closing `/', in which case it is surprising to
> me that it would succeed/fail depending on the model.

There is only one '/' that closes the namelist so you can't miss that. The inlist above doesn't even have my desired commands, it has pgstar turned on in the star_job and an empty space for the pgstar namelist section. This empty space should open default windows as set in mesa/star/defaults/pgstar.defaults. It does what it should do with full star calculations, but not with bare cores.


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