[mesa-users] make_he_wd in 5596 hydro_failed_to_converge

Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Thu Dec 19 16:27:15 EST 2013

On Dec 19, 2013, at 12:42 PM, Monique Windju wrote:

> Worth noting: I'm finding the 5596 build of make_he_wd to be very delicate. I ran a test to try and figure out which controls were making it crash, and after reverting to the original inlists that came with 5596 I was unable to create a 0.15 solar mass helium white dwarf. I got the "hydro_failed_to_converge" error during inlist 2, and given that the only option I modified in these original inlists was setting "new_Y=0.97" in inlist 3 I am worried about the overall stability of this new build of make_he_wd. 

I just ran make_he_wd with 5596 and unmodified inlists, and it had no problems.   

then I edited inlist_wd3 to have new_Y = 0.97.  I saved that and copied it to inlist, then did ./rn1 to run it.
that finished fine.  so I copied inlist_wd4 and did ./rn1 again.
that also finished fine and saved this as wd4.mod (it has Y = 0.97 as expected).

This is a good example of why I'm working to get bit-for-bit reproducibility.    
If you'd like to try this with the not-released version 5740 we might be able to learn why it works for me and not for you.


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