[mesa-users] İnstalling error in mesa

Josiah Schwab jwschwab at berkeley.edu
Thu Dec 19 12:54:54 EST 2013

Mehmet Özdil writes:
> ... snip ...
> write ../../data/rates_data/cache/rni57na_aux_2.bin
> ../utils/build_and_test: line 33:  9733 Killed
> My mesa version is 5596.İ have tried for installing mesa for a mount
> but i could'nt find any solution for this problem ? İs anybody knows
> how to fix this ?

This sounds like you are running up against system resource limits and
the kernel is killing the process.

Can you check your system logs for more information?  You don't mention
what OS you're on, but for instance on Ubuntu check /var/log/kern.log.


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