[mesa-users] testing mesa with ifort 13

Dean Townsley Dean.M.Townsley at ua.edu
Tue Dec 17 15:54:05 EST 2013

Hi Bill,

Great stuff!!

Out of curiosity, are all of the machines you mention intel hardware?


On 12/17/2013 12:37 PM, Bill Paxton wrote:
> Hi,
> As part of my current frenzy of modifying mesa to get bit-for-bit reproducible results on different platforms, I'd like to try the newest ifort, version 13.   I know that there are nasty problems with mesa + ifort 12 (I have that on my machine and am working on it now, but I'm getting problems even with -O1).  I'm hoping that 13 will be a lucky number for ifort.  I can't install the 30-day free trial version on my Mac because I'm still running 10.6.8 and it requires at least 10.7.   So I'm looking for volunteers who have ifort 13 or can install it (30 day trial would be fine) and then give me remote access to try it with mesa.
> BTW: as of this morning, I have managed to get bit-for-bit same final models for the full test suite on 6 machines: 3 Mac (10.6.8, 10.8.5, and 10.9) and 3 Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat), all running the same mesa SDK (April 8) and the same mesa version (5740).    It would be great to add ifort -- let's give it a try!
> Thanks,
> Bill
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