[mesa-users] The run cannot automatically terminate

Josiah Schwab jwschwab at berkeley.edu
Tue Dec 10 13:16:57 EST 2013

Bill Wolf writes:

> To the website maintainer(s), you may want to update that portion of
> the site (how to use mesa star -> create a work directory for your
> current project). There no longer is any need to set the
> mesa_data_dir, as is still indicated there, and the default work
> directory is not a super short run. I seem to recall it evolved a 3
> Msun star through to helium exhaustion, but it now evolves a 30 Msun
> model, which might take longer on slower machines. Finally, there is,
> by default, no pgstar output, though the tutorial claims there will
> be, which is the cause some of the confusion here.

Thanks Bill.  I have reworking the documentation on the main site on my
todo list.  As you say, it has diverged from what's actually in the code
and that doesn't do anyone (users or developers) any favors.  I hope to
get to it today or tomorrow.


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