[mesa-users] Element diffusion and Gravitational settling for gamma > 1

Aron.Michel at physik.uni-wuerzburg.de Aron.Michel at physik.uni-wuerzburg.de
Sat Aug 31 07:10:05 EDT 2013

Hello everyone,

apparently the line wrap got messed up this time...

Here is the original message:

I am wondering about the current status of diffusion and gravitational settling for Coulomb coupling parameters gamma > 1.
In the instrument paper (section 5.4) it is mentioned, that the physics implementation for diffusion is currently limited
to regions with gamma < 1. I already searched the mail archive and found the following E-Mail on that subject:


However the default values for the parameters diffusion_gamma_full_on and diffusion_gamma_full_off in the controls inlist
are set to 40 and 50, respectively. Therefore i am not sure, if the treatment for gamma > 1 is now available or if the
default settings for the gamma-cut off are just not consistent with the restrictions of the algorithm. I am also 
wondering, which modifications would be necessary to allow the treatment of diffusion for gamma > 1, if it doesn't work


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