[mesa-users] Access to inlist values from run_star_extras

Ehsan Moravveji e.moravveji at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 07:12:08 EDT 2013

Hello all,

I would like to fetch some of the quantities that we set in controls and star_job inlists from my run_star_extras.
Some of them are part of star_info and can be retrieved from the famous "s pointer", like s% model_number.
Some can be fetched from run_star_support, e.g.
   use run_star_support, only: initial_h1

However, some variables like overshoot_f_above_nonburn are set in the inlist, but are not accessible to run_star_extras either through the star_info or run_star_support. Please correct me if I am wrong.

In such case, how can I retrieve the value that I set for these quantities?


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