[mesa-users] Removing singletons (single zone convection)

David Arnett wdarnett at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 19:27:43 EDT 2013

I have a more precise argument, but here is the short, quick and dirty one:

In order to turn the convective motion around (and have a limited velocity
field) an acceleration of magnitude ~u**2/\delta r must be applied outside
the "schwarzschild convective" region. In a convective region, the kinetic
energy comes from buoyant driving over a path length, which is proportional
to \delta r for single zone convection. The flux is the dominant variable,
and when roughly constant, implies u**3 is roughly constant, so since in
the steady state of driving equal damping, we have u ~ \delta r, and F ~
\delta r **3. Small zones should have little effect. QED ;-)

So removing singletons is very likely to be OK.

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