[mesa-users] mismatch between structure files and rows of history file

Josiah Schwab jwschwab at berkeley.edu
Tue Sep 18 16:04:19 EDT 2012

> A more puzzling mismatch occurs later because two rows of the history file end up having the same model number.  Specifically, in this run, rows 1995 and 1996 both have model_number 19910, but different values for physical quantities.  Row 1996 has the physical quantities that correspond to the profile file that has this model number (profile1994.data).

As a partial answer to your question, let me point you to an old message

Quoting Bill from that:

The mesa/star history files (e.g., LOGS/star.log) contain a line for each step, including steps that were subsequently "thrown away" for some reason such as restart, retry, or backup.  So when you make a plot in which you don't want to include discarded steps, you need to remove them yourself.   I do this by using model numbers --i.e., for each line, I discard any previous lines in the log that have a model number >= this one.


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