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Cristina (welcome!) brings up the important issue of where to find
information about Mesa. There is another place where information is
available and that is http://mesastar.org/. There are advantages to
the new interface, including searchable forums and documentation. The
issue is that we have two places now that have information about Mesa
and that are places of gathering of the community. The mesa-users
mailing list remains the main meeting point. I am not sure that
mesastar.org is advertised prominently on the
http://mesa.sourceforge.net/ website. Do we need two websites?
Wouldn't it be better to have just one? Can we have just one? Which
one do we want to use?

While we wrestle with these questions, I will be watching this list
for release notes from Bill and placing them on mesastar.org, where
they are searchable. The direct link is

- Go to mesastar.org
- Click on FAQ and Tutorials
- Click on Release notes

There are two versions of the release notes for Mesa 4411. They are
identical, except the first one is a pdf version. Version 4411 is
where the major changes occurred and Bill explains why he made those
changes in the release notes.

While you are on mesastar.org, see how you like it and poke around for
more useful documents and tools.


> Message: 5
> Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2012 12:24:11 +0200
> From: Cristina Rodr?guez L?pez <crl at iaa.es>
> Subject: Re: [mesa-users] MESAFace1.2.1
> To: mesa-users at lists.sourceforge.net
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> Hi,
> I'm a newcomer to MESA and I downloaded release 4442 a few days ago. I
> managed to install and run it with minor problems following the
> instructions in 'how to use mesa star'. However, it would be helpful
> that these instructions are somewhat updated to include changes in the
> new version. E.g. I had to comment !log_cnt in the inlist file, because
> it was not recognised, till I found later that it was an issue of the
> new distribution; the star.log file I was looking for not longer exist,
> as well as files:
> mesa/star/public/run_star_defaults.dek.
> mesa/star/public/star_defaults.dek.
> Some of these issues I discovered them later in the *mesa-users Digest,
> Vol 36, Issue 13*, but it would be nice to advertise them in some way on
> the http://mesa.sourceforge.net/how_to_use_mesa_star.html
> to make it more user friendly for newcomers.
> Thanks and regards,
> Cristina.
> On 12/09/12 01:16, Giannotti, Maurizio wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Since now the output files in MESA have different names, we made a
>> small change to MESAFace so that it can download both new and old
>> types of output files. In other words, now it recognizes both star.log
>> and history.data as the history file and both log.data and
>> profile.data as the profile files.
>> The new version, MESAFace1.2.1, can be downloaded from the Mesa Forum
>> or via this link <http://www.mgiannotti.com/mesafaceDL.php>.
>> Thanks,
>> Maurizio, Michael, Aaron.
>> Maurizio Giannotti,
>> Assistant Professor of Physics,
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