[mesa-users] MESAFace 1.2

Giannotti, Maurizio MGiannotti at mail.barry.edu
Fri Sep 7 17:19:17 EDT 2012


We made a few changes to MESAFace.

First of all, as suggested by Bill Paxton, we added a purging routine that cleans up star.log in the case of restarts.
Starting from the end of the file, the code looks at the model number (n) of every line of star.log and removes every previous line with model number >= n. We tested it with models that we restarted many times and it seems to work well. Let us know if you notice any anomaly.
In addition, now the first script reports more information about the progress while downloading and organizing the files.

We posted the new version, MESAFace1.2, on the mesaforum page


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