[mesa-users] 40M_z1m4_to_si_burn test case

Josh Shiode jhshiode at berkeley.edu
Wed Oct 24 17:50:34 EDT 2012


In the newest installation of MESA 4589, I'm finding significantly different evolution in the star/test_suite/40M_z1m4_to_si_burn test case as compared to the documentation on mesastar.org

I'm seeing, to name a few things:
Fewer retries ~ 18 total
nearly double the number of timesteps to get to the fe54 limit
Significantly longer runtime ~ 118 minutes (not 10 as expected)

My setup:
Mac OS X 10.6.8
(tried w/ and w/o SDK) 
gfortran version 4.6.0 (and 4.7.2)

Can anyone else confirm these results? Or are people not having any issue running this test case?


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