[mesa-users] An error with rotation initialization

Ehsan Moravveji moravveji at iasbs.ac.ir
Sun Oct 21 04:10:17 EDT 2012

Hello All.
When I just run the star/test_suite/multimass/ with default
run_star_extra.f, I get the following error because of failure in
initializing rotation:

 turn on velocities
 turn on rotation
                               new_surface_rotation_v =   
STOP                                                  dm_sum         441  
debugging: set1_omega
                                        new_point_dmbar         441   

Of course, when I suppress it, the evolution runs normally.
I use SDK + v. 4589 + 3 threads on Lion 10.7
How can I fix this?
I guess the fix should also apply to the test_suite as well.

Thanks folks.

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