[mesa-users] Making ZAMS models for different Z

Bill Paxton paxton at kitp.ucsb.edu
Tue Oct 9 11:07:39 EDT 2012

Hi Dennis and Julien,

There is indeed a suite test case that creates a set of ZAMS models in the form used by mesa/star.

Take a look at star/test_suite/create_zams -- there are 2 inlists: inist_create_zams and inlist_zams_specification.
The 1st can be used like a normal star inlist if you want to do things like specify non-default values for eos, or mixing, or whatever.
The 2nd has the specifications for the set of models: Z, low mass, high mass, and step size between masses.

The code that does the work of running the jobs and creating the files in the src/run_star_extras.
I suggest you create a new work directory and copy the inlists and src/* from create_zams.
That will be better than editing the test case directly.

Take a look at run_star_extras -- the "do_run" routine is called from your run.f program (take a look at that too).
After doing initialization, do_run calls do_create_zams.  That routine has a loop where for each mass it calls
creates a pre ms model, evolves it to zams, and then writes the model to a file.

The evolve_to_zams routine simply calls the star_evolve_to_check_point routine (from star/public/star_lib)
with a special evolve_to_zams_check_model function that terminates the run when total L_nuc 1st catches up to L at surface.

NOTE: if you decide to create a set of models for a stage of evolution other than zams, you can simply change the termination criterion in the check_model.

If you plan to interpolate in mass between models in your pre-built set, you'll need to keep the step size in mass small enough to limit errors.
How small the interpolation errors need to be will of course depend on your planned application.  
The zams file for Z=0.02 in data/star_data/zams_models uses a step in log10 of 0.1.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.  


On Oct 9, 2012, at 1:14 AM, Dennis Stello wrote:

> Hi Bill,
> Julien (cc) is working here in Sydney for the next 5 months to work with me on MESA stuff.
> We are looking at making some more ZAMS models (as we discussed while I was in SBA).
> I was originally just thinking of taking some vanilla set up and making them from scratch, but Julien found a few inlists in the test_suit that seemed to have been made for that purpose. How they are interconnected and hence how they should be run is not clear though.
> Should we forget about these inlist and just do you own thing or is there actually something set up would would same us some work?
> Cheers
> -- 
> Dennis Stello

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