[mesa-users] make that 4569 for mesa

Ehsan Moravveji moravveji at iasbs.ac.ir
Sat Oct 6 12:35:20 EDT 2012

Thanks bill for the corrections. However, the installation nagged at me:

ehsan:test ehsan$ ./mkx
gfortran -fno-range-check  -fopenmp  -I../public -I../private
-I../../include -Wunused-value -Werror -W -fimplicit-none   -O2 -c
-ffree-form -x f95-cpp-input -I/opt/mesasdk/include -I../defaults -I../job
-I../other -I../binary_systems ../private/mlt_info.f
gfortran -fno-range-check  -fopenmp  -I../public -I../private
-I../../include -Wunused-value -Werror -W -fimplicit-none   -O2 -c
-ffree-form -x f95-cpp-input -I/opt/mesasdk/include -I../defaults -I../job
-I../other -I../binary_systems ../private/timestep.f
gfortran -fno-range-check  -fopenmp  -I../public -I../private
-I../../include -Wunused-value -Werror -W -fimplicit-none   -O2 -c
-ffree-form -x f95-cpp-input -I/opt/mesasdk/include -I../defaults -I../job
-I../other -I../binary_systems ../private/adjust_mass.f
ar crs libstar.a star_def.o star_private_def.o other_mixing.o
other_am_mixing.o other_wind.o other_brunt.o other_torque.o other_energy.o
other_energy_implicit.o other_cgrav.o other_opacity_factor.o other_mlt.o
other_neu.o other_atm.o other_diffusion.o other_eos.o other_kap.o
other_pgstar_plots.o other_mesh_functions.o star_utils.o ctrls_io.o
alloc.o model_in.o model_out.o opacities.o net_and_nse.o micro.o
solve_omega_mix.o brunt.o overshoot.o turbulent_diffusion.o mlt_info.o
rotation_mix_info.o mix_smoothing.o mix_info.o mesh_functions.o
mesh_plan.o mesh_adjust.o create_atm.o hydro_rotation.o hydro_vars.o
hydro_chem_eqns.o hydro_eqns.o hydro_mtx.o hydro_newton_procs.o
hydro_bimd.o report.o history.o pulsation_info.o profile_getval.o
profile.o do_one_utils.o timestep.o adjust_xyz.o adjust_mass.o
adjust_mesh_support.o adjust_mesh_plot.o adjust_mesh.o element_diffusion.o
evolve_support.o solve_hydro.o struct_burn_mix.o kuma.o winds.o evolve.o
relax.o create_initial_model.o pre_ms_model.o read_model.o write_model.o
init_model.o init.o pgstar_ctrls_io.o pgstar_support.o pgstar_conv.o
pgstar_hr.o pgstar_trho.o pgstar_cntr_hist.o pgstar_surf_hist.o
pgstar_hist.o pgstar_trho_profile.o pgstar_profile.o pgstar_mode_prop.o
pgstar_power.o pgstar_abundance.o pgstar_abund_power.o pgstar_logg_Teff.o
pgstar_logg_logT.o pgstar_hr_trho.o pgstar_summary.o pgstar_dynamo.o
pgstar_mixing_Ds.o pgstar_mixing_dynamo.o pgstar_abund_pwr_dmix.o
pgstar_abund_pwr_dmix_dyn.o pgstar.o star_lib.o se_support.o
run_star_support.o sample_pgstar_plot.o bimdd.o bimd_test_pump.o bimdmtx.o
bimdax.o bimd.o bimd1.o bimd_report.o
gfortran -fno-range-check  -fopenmp  -o ../star \
	run_star_extras.o run_star.o  run.o -L../../make -lstar -L../../../lib
-ldiffusion -lionization -latm -lcolors -lmlt -lnet -leos -lkap -lscreen
-lrates -lreaclib -lweak -lneu -lchem -linterp_2d -linterp_1d -lnum
-lutils -lalert -lmtx -lconst -lmesaklu `mesasdk_lapack_link`
`mesasdk_blas_link` `mesasdk_pgplot_link` `mesasdk_se_link`
ld: in ../../make/libstar.a, malformed archive TOC entry for
___mesh_adjust_MOD_get_cell_dq, offset 1886284148 is beyond end of file
 for architecture x86_64
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [star] Error 1


ehsan:test ehsan$


> I just found and fixed a numerical roundoff problem in star adjust_mass.
Not something that shows up often, but Mike Montgomery had an example,
and I was happy to find a fix, so it might as well get out now.
> If you already got 4566, you have a choice:
> either ignore this for now and get it in the next big mesa release, or I
think you can safely do svn up -r 4569 rather than a fresh checkout.
That should only change star, so you can then do
> cd star/test ; ./mkx
> That will make and export a new star library with the correction in
> Cheers,
> Bill
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