[mesa-users] adding columns to the standard logs

Jeremy Goodman jeremy at astro.princeton.edu
Thu May 31 20:16:22 EDT 2012

I followed the directions at http://mesa.sourceforge.net/how_to_use_mesa_star.html#part6 to add one extra column (to compute an apsidal-motion constant), modifying my run_star_extras.f appropriately.
The new code compiles, but it seems that the routines "how_many_extra_log_columns" and "data_for_extra_log_columns" are not being called when the code runs (I've added print statements).  Consequently, I get error messages like this: 
>  read log_columns.list
>  failed to recognize item for log columns apsidal_k
> ERROR: error in log_columns_file
>  star_set_log_columns ierr          -1
> ERROR: error in log_columns_file
>  do_star_job_controls_after ierr          -1
> ERROR: error in log_columns_file
> Thu May 31 19:30:21 EDT 2012

Do I have to change something else (e.g. run.f) to make sure that module run_star_extras is used?

Oddly, I successfully used a similar procedure last year with version 3290 to add profile columns. 
I am now using version 4028.

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