[mesa-users] Question about installation

Josiah Schwab jwschwab at berkeley.edu
Thu May 31 19:24:09 EDT 2012

Someone who is an SDK expert (Rich?) can probably answer better than I can.

The SDK website does make it sound like your machine would be supported, but I think the problem is that the MESA SDK for OSX only includes 64-bit executables; you're trying to run them on a 32 bit machine. 

I realize that isn't a solution.

One workaround is to not use the SDK and to compile MESA from source.
There may be something better though, as I know there's 32 bit SDK for linux.

Hopefully someone else can chime in.


On May 31, 2012, at 3:42 PM, Linda Strubbe wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm new to Mesa and just trying to install it on my 2007 dual-core MacBook Pro running OS 10.5.8.  I downloaded mesa and the sdk; I untarred the sdk and set the environment variables as described on the website (http://www.astro.wisc.edu/~townsend/static.php?ref=mesasdk).  Then I did ./install and got the following error:
> checking if ndiff is installed ...
> ./install_num_only: line 63:  4595 Trace/BPT trap          $SYS_NDIFF -author >&/dev/null
> no! running install_ndiff
> ndiff installed in utils/ndiff/
> /Applications/mesa/const
> building const package.
> gfortran -fno-range-check  -fopenmp  -I../public -I../private -I../../include -Wunused-value -Werror -W -fimplicit-none   -O2 -c -fed-form -ffixed-line-length-132 ../public/const_def.f
> dyld: unknown required load command 0x80000022
> make: *** [const_def.o] Trace/BPT trap
> /Applications/mesa/const/make
> /Applications/mesa/const
> ./build_and_test FAILED
> I'd appreciate your help in getting this to work!  Thanks a lot,
> Linda Strubbe
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