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jingluan at caltech.edu jingluan at caltech.edu
Thu May 10 00:55:59 EDT 2012


Sorry for the span!

May I ask one of the authors of the paper 'The response of giant stars
upon dynamical timescale mass loss' some questions? Sorry that I did not
get the email addresses online. So may I have Jean-Claude Passy, or Falk
Herwig, or Bill Paxton help me please?

It is a very interesting paper:-) I have two questions.

1, May I ask why you choose to use freeeos as the eos? MESA has its own
eos tables. Does freeeos make the run faster or make the large mass loss
rate tolerable numerically? If yes, why? If not, why not use MESA's own
eos tables? Because I want to reproduce the high-mass-loss-rate examples
in your paper, I would like to know whether I need to apply freeeos too.
If the eos is not subtle for high mass loss rate, then I would use MESA's
own tables.

2, It claims in the paper that an artificial viscosity is applied to
prevent shocks. Is it subtle to fulfill the high mass loss rate? Why?

Thank you so much :-)

Jing Luan

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