[mesa-users] of possible interest to MESA users

Guy Worthey gwortheyastro at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 12:49:00 EDT 2012

Dear All,

These items are of interest to me. Perhaps they might come in handy
for a few of you as well . . . they are all available from the
astro.wsu.edu/models page.

1. Worthey & Lee 2011 empirical color interpolator program:
Johnson/Cousins broad band only.

2. A "web form" to request from a broad array of synthetic and
empirical photometric systems, for some published isochrone sets, 3 at
a time, at http://astro.wsu.edu/models/isochrones.html

3. A couple of calculator pages. The first lets you tweak the
abundance mixture, then computes X, Y, and Z. The second lets you
specify Z (and, optionally, Y) and abundance tweaks and then
calculates X, Z/X, and [element/H] ratios.

For MESA users that are changing abundances, the latter form also
outputs the contents of what you should put into the
"file_for_uniform_xa = 'my_xa_file' " to inform your reaction network
of the abundance changes (through helium burning, anyway) based on the
gs98 abundance table.

I welcome suggestions for improvements on these pages. I have to move
them from one web server to another in the coming months, so it's a
good time to 'add value' to them.


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