[mesa-users] optical_depth

jingluan at caltech.edu jingluan at caltech.edu
Fri Mar 23 12:00:17 EDT 2012


Is s% tau(:) the optical depth?

At the kth shell where it satisfies s% R(k)/rsol==s% photosphere_r, I
found that s% tau(k)=361 in a model by mesa2664;

Then I calculate a variable called tau_phot by summing s% opacity(j)*s%
rho(j)*(s% R(j)-s% R(j+1)) over j=1,..,k; and I got tau_phot=5184;

It is pretty weird. What could be the problem? The model has not yet been
converged well? But mesa does not report any ierr information though.

Thank you so much :-)


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