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Guy Worthey gwortheyastro at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 17:14:47 EDT 2012

Dear all,

Almost all of you can answer this, I'm sure. I want to add a "stop"
condition to star to terminate if the central neon abundance exceeds a
reasonable value. I'm figuring that 0.01 is a comfortable mass fraction.

In public/star_defaults.dek, we have the following advice:
         ! upper limits on central mass fractions
         ! stop when central abundance rises above this limit
         ! can have up to num_xa_central_limits of these (see star_def for
         xa_central_upper_limit_species(1) = '' ! isotope name as defined
in chem_def
         xa_central_upper_limit(1) = 0

In the inlist I am trying things like
xa_central_upper_limit_species(10) = 0.01
xa_central_upper_limit_species('ne20') = 0.01
xa_central_upper_limit(10) = 0.01
xa_central_upper_limit('ne') = 0.01

but none of the above works. I'm sure that you-all know why and are
laughing at me, but could I get a pointer, please?

Many thanks,
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