[mesa-users] Mesa install

umberto.battino at unibas.ch umberto.battino at unibas.ch
Fri Jun 8 04:41:47 EDT 2012

Hi Zeynep,
you simply miss the library libpgplot.so.. I think it would be useful
in case you want to use pgplot, in this case I know that it's easy to
found on the web and to download. Otherwise I think it's useless, and,
if you don't want to use pgplot, you have to specify that on your
/mesa/utils/makefile_header. Hoping that this can help..
All the best,


Quoting Zeynep \C7elik <zcelik87 at gmail.com>:

> Hi all,
> T have some problems when install mesa with ./install. I can't solve this
> problems:
> ./star: error while loading shared libraries: libpgplot.so: cannot open
> shared o
> bject file: No such file or directory
> first file is short
> /home/zoya/mesa/star/test
> TEST FAILED -- compare test_output to tmp.txt
> /home/zoya/mesa/star
> ./build_and_test FAILED
> Best regards,
> Zeynep

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