[mesa-users] Problems with TIOGA

Giannotti, Maurizio MGiannotti at mail.barry.edu
Tue Jan 24 21:14:29 EST 2012


I have been using MESA for a while, and lately I have tried to install Tioga. Everything seems to go well. I can run the examples in the tioga folder, see the pdf of the Tioga icon, and also the blue and the red figures. However, when I try to make a plot from the Mesa/work folder, Tioga does not produce any output. For example, if I go in the star_profile folder and run

tioga by_mass -m 0

it does make the folder profiles_out, and I get a message that indicates the production of the file Abundances.pdf. However the file is not there. No error message. I have had this problem for several weeks, and no matter what I do, I cannot produce the pdf files.

Anybody has some suggestions?

Thank you very much,

Maurizio Giannotti,
Assistant Professor of Physics,
Physical Sciences, Barry University,
11300 NE 2nd Ave., Miami Shores, FL 33161
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