[mesa-users] Seeking community input on MESA's web presence

Conny Aerts conny at ster.kuleuven.be
Tue Jan 17 03:14:51 EST 2012


while not an active daily user of MESA, I follow the email discussions 
with great interest (even the mails on the technicalities are much more 
interesting than SPAM or boring admin mails), something that would 
certainly not happen if I were to be obliged to go and search in 
documents or on a Twiki-type info channel. FAQ lists are always useful. 
But I am not the main customer you should aim at, so the intensive users 
should have the decisions in hand.

Best regards,

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On 01/17/2012 02:51 AM, Aaron Dotter wrote:
> Dear MESA community,
> In an effort to improve the way in which we obtain help from, and 
> share information with, other MESA users, we are seeking your input.
> The current standard relies entirely on the webpage and the mesa-users 
> email list.  This arrangement is not ideal as many new users have the 
> same basic questions and the email list experiences many repeated 
> questions.  Much of the information currently provided via email needs 
> to be preserved in an organized, searchable format.
> We have access to a community forum through sourceforge.net 
> <http://sourceforge.net> and could use it for some things, such as 
> creating an FAQ for new users.  The forum structure does not meet all 
> the needs that we can envision, and something along the lines of a 
> wiki/plone could serve the community better.  However, to do so 
> requires moving out of the sourceforge domain.
> Please respond to the following queries:
> 1.  What sort of MESA web presence would be most useful to you?
> 2.  If you've had experience with this sort of thing in the past, what 
> would you recommend that we do (or not do)?
> Thank you for your input!
> Aaron / MESA Council
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